Our Class Format: "STACK" & Technology Based Classroom

 What is a “STACK” classroom

 STACK or Small group, Technology, Apply, Create and Kinesthetic is a teaching style which provides diversity in student learning.

 What this looks like in our classroom:

S (Small group) – Students will meet with the teacher for specific, targeting skill instruction. Interactive notebooks, technology and games are a few activities that teachers will use to guide instruction.

T (Technology) – this is the time students will concentrate on their i-Ready instruction. I-Ready is a program that individualizes reading and math learning through interactive games, story-telling and mini-progress assessments at the end of every lesson. When a student struggles with a lesson in i-Ready, the “float” teacher (the teacher not teaching in small group), will pull that student and work through the lesson with them.

A (Apply) – utilizing technology, students will receive online reinforcement of current skills, especially grammar and spelling in Reading. During Math STACK skills will align with Florida Math standards. A variety of programs will be used at this time, including:,, and

C (Create) – students will create artifacts utilizing the skills and strategies being taught in class. For example, students may be asked to create quiz questions based off a book they are reading or create a Glogster ( about the Native American Tribes of Florida they are learning about in Social Studies. During this time, students will be at our listening center. Create center always starts with students listening and reading along to chapters in a book, or another text related to their “create” item for that rotation. During Math STACK students will engage in Flip Classroom which means they may be watching a video reinforcing the targeted math skill of the week and then creating an artifact based on that video.

K (Kinesthetic) -  students will engage in hands-on learning and exploration in this center. Generally, this is our Social Studies or Science focused center. Students will create maps, play games about the pre-Columbian and Columbian explorers, or engage in science experiments, research and study. This is our “Genius Hour” and we will be pushing students to expand their knowledge and inquiry skills.

Since STACK uses a lot of technology and interactive notebooks, generally, day-to-day artifacts will not be sent home until the end of the quarter. The interactive STACK books will be used throughout the year as review, and will not be sent home until the end of the year. It is very important that parents monitor progress book regularly. If you have any questions, please let us know!