Courtney Hayes

It’s hard to believe that we are quickly approaching the finale of your child’s elementary experience.   For many, this milestone stirs up a mixture of emotions from joy and enthusiasm, to anxiety and uncertainty, and even sadness.  In the coming weeks, we at OACS will continue to promote a positive, uplifting environment as we celebrate the accomplishments of our soon-to-be middle schoolers.

I am pleased to announce that the 5th Grade Promotion Ceremony will be held at Mosaic Church again this year.  Taking several factors into consideration, this venue remains the best option available to us at this time.  With a capacity of nearly 400, it provides adequate space for students, family members, faculty, and staff.  It is conveniently located at 608 W. Oakland Avenue in Oakland.

We will provide each 5th grade student with two Promotion Ceremony tickets for family members.  These tickets will be distributed to students on May 12, 2017.   Please check agendas for the tickets as replacement tickets will not be issued.   Beginning May 15, 2017, a limited number of additional tickets will be available for purchase for $5.00 each at the front desk. This cost will offset the financial commitment needed for venue rental.   If you wish to purchase tickets, you must come, in person, to the front office to make the purchase.  Tickets will not be available for purchase via phone, through the teacher, or at the event.  The number of tickets available for purchase is subject to venue capacity.

Students must arrive at Mosaic Church by 12:30 p.m. on May 26, 2017.  The Promotion Ceremony will start promptly at 1:00 p.m.  Students are not to report to school that morning.  Prompt arrival to the venue is paramount. Teachers and staff will have a very limited amount of time to prepare students for the ceremony. Students are expected to come dressed in attire appropriate for this special occasion. 

Further information on the end-of-year events and activities will be provided through the fifth grade teachers.

We look forward to sharing this celebratory event with everyone.