The OACS homework policy states that in 5th grade the students are given no more than 3-4 assignments a week, each lasting no more than 40 minutes, not including reading time. 

I will be following the school policy by giving 3-4 assignments per week. Each homework assignment given is expected to be turned in the following day, unless otherwise stated. Late assignments, whether homework or classwork, are 10% off for every day it is late up to 5 days. After 5 days the assignments is just given the minimum 55%.

Most of the homework will be on Khan Academy and I will check each morning to verify that the homework was completed, however I will also assign paper and pencil assignments from time to time as well.

All assignments are written in the student's agenda every day. The agenda then needs to be signed by a parent every night. The agendas are checked every morning to make sure that they were signed by the parents. This is done to prevent missing assignments and open communication up with the parents.