May 26, 2017

Hello Parents,

Thank you all so much for coming out to our award ceremony today. It meant a lot to the kiddos as well as myself. It has truly been a pleasure to help each and every little mind grow this year and I can’t wait to see what they accomplish in second grade. 

I hope the kids enjoyed their end of year gifts which included; a bubble wand, a homemade multicolored crayon, a personalized pineapple cup, and their very own memory CD so generously made for us by Zoey’s Uncle!

Next week is a short, two-day, week because we have NO school on Monday. Please let me know whether or not your child will be attending school these last two days so that I can be prepared with enough materials for whatever activities we are doing!

On Tuesday we will have a fun day helping and learning with others. We will start the morning off by visiting kindergarteners and answering questions about what it is like in first grade. In the afternoon it will be our turn to ask the questions as we go visit second grade classrooms! We would like to do a board game day on Wednesday but we are asking that you bring board games from your homes. Please message or email me and let me know what board game your child will be bringing in. Report cards will be coming home with your child on Wednesday.

Have a great weekend/summer!

Ms. Austin

School supplies for next year can be purchased here:

The summer slide packet is located directly below. Don't forget to read and go on Sundog and Ready over the summer. 

Activities to Prevent the "Summer Slide"