Behavior Plan and Expectations

In my classroom we have adopted a system that utilizes both the color ladder and Classdojo to create a well rounded behavior management program.

Students earn dojo points for positive behavior and lose points when they make poor choices. 
Their color ladder is directly affected by how many points they earn or lose.

When students earn a lot of points (between 8-10) on Dojo they will move to blue. This is on a case to case basis and will be determined by what each student did to earn those positive points. Blue is earned through outstanding behavior that goes above and beyond what is expected of them.

When students lose a lot of points from making poor choices their color will change to yellow or red, depending on severity and frequency. Students that lose multiple points for the same poor choice (i.e. talking out of turn) will be moved to yellow for failing to correct their behavior after multiple warnings.

Students that lose 3 or more points for a variety of behaviors will be moved to yellow.

**It is important to note that I do not normally deduct points for the first transgression, verbal warnings are normally given before a lose of points ensues.**

Students have the possibility of moving to red after they have lost 4 or more points (depending on the severity of the issues).

I have introduced a reward system in the classroom in order to encourage positive choices.