Behavior Plan and Expectations

Mrs.Murphy’s CHAMPS Behavior System

Classroom rules
1.  We are kind by filling our “buckets” (we use kind words and actions.)
2.  We help each other.
3.  We take turns and share.
4.  We listen to each other.

Colors for daily behavior

Blue means that I had an AWESOME day and I went above and beyond what was expected of me.
Green means that I had a great day.
Yellow means that I had a few warnings to make good choices and I did not change my behavior.
Red means that I had several warnings to make good choices and I did not change my behavior.  

How the CHAMPS color system works
 The colors are on a chart in our classroom.    Each day, the students start on green.  If a student is spoken to about their behavior and no change occurs, they are asked to move their name to yellow.  If choices are still not corrected, they will be asked to move to red.  This means that there have been repeated discussions about their behavior and how to correct it and no change has occurred.  If they correct their behavior they have the opportunity to move their name back to green.  If a student gets on blue and stays on blue until the end of the day, they get to go to the treasure box! When your child does get on blue, please celebrate their achievement!  

I use the agenda to communicate with parents.  Also in the agenda,  I will write a green or blue happy face so you know how your child behaved that day.  Please make sure to sign your student’s agenda daily to ensure that we are communicating about your child. 

Marvelous Marble Jar
Our class has a marble jar that we work together to earn marbles. Each time the entire class completes a task in a marvelous way, we earn a marble.  An example would be, walking quietly in line, getting a good report from a Specials teacher, or following directions on a task. When we have earned all of our marbles we earn something special as a class. This teaches them to work together as a team and to help each other.