Grade Level Happenings

​K, 1, 2

 - Students will be learning about note values [quarter note, quarter rest] and practicing them with the website 

Singing - The Banyan Tree [Jamaican folk song]
Dancing/Moving - Three Little Penguins [anonymous folk song]
Body Percussion - Fanga Alafia [welcome song from West Africa]
Playing Instruments - Boomwhackers to "I feel good" by James Brown

​3, 4, 5

 - Students will be learning note values and Kodaly Hand symbols to accompany learning how to read notes on the staff.
 - Students will be composing together using the website

Singing - Do, Re, Mi [The Sound of Music]
Dancing/Moving - Fanga Alafia [welcome song from West Africa]
Body Percussion - "Itchy Chicken Pox" [Thom Borden]
Playing Instruments - Boomwhackers and Xylophones to "I feel good"


- K,1 and 2 will continue to build a strong foundation in music theory and apply their knowledge to successfully play boomwhackers and ultimately begin to explore the ukulele.

-3,4 and 5 will begin learning instrument technique for the xylophone, they can look forward to ultimately learning how to play ukulele and guitar.