Grade Level Happenings

Getting Fit!

Our third through fifth grade students have just finished up their beginning of the year fitness testing.  These tests are designed to help the students understand what their current fitness level is.  With this knowledge, students will set goals for where they hope to be at the end of the school year when we will be again assessing their fitness levels again.

Our kindergarten through second grade students have completed lessons in basic motor skills and have moved on to activities that will help them apply those skills in new and challenging ways.

All of our students are being introduced to High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) as means of increasing and maintaining physical fitness.  At the beginning of each class period, our students will participate in 2-4 minutes of HIIT training prior to receiving the day's lesson.  Recent studies suggest that HIIT not only increases physical fitness, but also increases attentiveness and reduces fidgeting and off-task behaviors.


     This week the students will be learning the rules and procedures that will help them have a safe, productive school year.  As always, you can help your student be successful in P.E. by making sure that they bring a water bottle and wear athletic shoes. 

     As a reminder, students receive a grade for the work they do in Specials.  The grading rubric for physical education is below.  Please take the time to review it so that you are familiar with the expectations.