Marsha Shope

Hello First Grade Parents, 
I would like to give you a quick overview of myself and my background. I am a Bachelor of Science graduate of Grace College in Warsaw, Indiana. Because of the well-rounded education I received there, I am very interested in addressing the academic and character needs of your child. My personal philosophy is reflected in the following statement: Every student has a face and a place in this world". I have taught 6 years in Ohio in private education, 10 years in Illinois (tutoring and homeschooling), and 1 year at a charter school in Seminole county. Joyfully, I am embarking on my 10th year here at OACS. I was also "Teacher of the Year" for 2015-2016 school year. I have been ESOL endorsed and ESE certified, in the state of Florida.

My many "example stories" , told in the 3rd and 5th grade classrooms, during 2007-2016 here at OACS, come from the following personal experiences: my 44 years of marriage, from raising our sons Brandon and Micah (now 35 and 30 years/ married 10 and 9 years), from my grandsons, Elijah 4 years, and Ezra almost to and my 18 month old special needs grandson, Luke, who all live in Northern Georgia, my dog Panda, my travels to Europe, Bermuda, Mexico, Canada and the many camping trips WEST, with family while growing up. My growing up years, were experienced in a small rural Indiana town, population of 1200. Relaxation, for me, is cooking a well planned meal or weeding and working in my flower gardens. I love the feel of "dirty hands". All of you should know my best friend is my husband, Rick.

Mrs. Shope
phone: 407-877-2039, ext. 2532