Parent Teacher Organization (PTO)

2018-19 PTO Board Members

Member Title/Role Phone Number
Kristy Konat
President 407-973-9234

Email Kristy Konat

Kacie Hough
Vice-President/Treasurer 407-421-7114 Email Kacie Hough
Deidre Fontenot Fundraising 321-229-9367 Email Deidre Fontenot
Karen Young Fundraising 407-719-9982 Email Karen Young
Michelle Fischer Secretary/Marketing 407-509-9095 Email Michelle Fischer
Stephanie Shapiro
Secretary/Marketing 407-285-6666 Email Stephanie Shapiro
Janice Lewis (A-M)
Volunteer and Membership
407-832-2935 Email Janice Lewis
Tamara Dodge (N-Z)
Volunteer and Membership
407-782-3762 Email Tamara Dodge
Stacy Iapaluccio
Community Events/Partnerships
203-240-4263 Email Stacy Iapaluccio
Becky Grieser
Community Events/Partnerships
407-361-0765 Email Becky Grieser
Amanda Warren
Special Events
Email Amanda Warren
Nancy Woodard Special Events 727-643-8085 Email Nancy Woodard

2018-19 Coordinators

Coordinator Responsibility
Kristy Konat
Facebook Email Kristy Konat
Vanessa Davies
Box Tops Co-Chair
Email Vanessa Davies
Patti Dalton Box Tops Co-Chair Email Patti Dalton
Kelly Dinkel
Staff Luncheons, Heritage Day, Field Day
Email Kelli Dinkel
Stephanie Mastin
Uniform Closet Email Stephanie Mastin
Kelly Mathis      
Marquee Chair
Email Kelly Mathis
Ana Rodrigues
Holiday Parade/Eagle Pride Parade Corrdinator Email Ana Rodrigues