Programs & Services Offered

General Statement

Oakland Avenue Charter School (OACS) is a true community school! Through our yearly trips to the Oakland Nature Preserve, nest community outreach projects/trips, providing leadership opportunities to our 5th grade students, and parent participation in the classroom, we foster community involvement. We strive to encourage students to become good citizens! 

Core Curriculum

ELA Literature- Based Instruction (LBI)

Literature-Based Instruction is a type of instruction that fosters the development of literacy through the use of original expository and narrative works.  Our teachers plan authentic learning experiences that include discussions, reflections, and activities that revolve around a good book.  It is more than reading a story and answering a few questions.  Our goals are to help students become better readers and writers as well as develop deeper critical thinking skills.  Through Literature-Based Instruction, we are able to infuse Science and Social Studies to allow greater connections and deeper understanding.

Book Spotlight

Below is a sample a few of the books that are utilized by each grade level in our LBI program…

Kindergarten: The Three Little Pigs by James Marshall and The Three Little Pigs and the Somewhat Bad Wolf by Mark Teague

First Grade: Chrysanthemum by Kevin Henkes and Follow That Map by Scot Ritchie 

Second Grade: Polar Bears Past Bedtime by Mary Pope Osborne and Mercy Watson by Kate DiCamillo

Third Grade: Who was Thomas Alba Edison? By Margaret Frith and The Lemonade War by Jaqueline Davies

Fourth Grade: Because of Winn-Dixie by Kate DeCamillo and The Watsons Go To Birmingham- 1963 by Christopher Paul Curtis

Fifth Grade: Wonder  and Auggie and Me by R.J. Palacio  


Today’s mathematics need to provide students a range of knowledge and skills that are more diverse and complex than ever before.   Mathematics instruction provides students with tools and habits to organize and interpret mathematical equations.  At OACS, each grade level uses the B.E.S.T. Standards to drive instruction through support of the adopted curriculum, technology integration, small group instruction, hands on learning inquiries, and real world applications.   We utilize these tools to teach the mathematical concepts of:

Number Sense, Properties, and Operations

Patterns, Functions, and Algebraic Structure

Data Analysis, Statistics, and Probability

Shape, Dimensions, and Geometric Relationships 


OACS utilizes the Orange County Public Schools adopted curriculum, Inspire Science published by McGraw-Hill.  Our science curriculum is enhanced through hands-on experiments in the classrooms.

Social Studies

Social Studies is taught by infusing concepts into our English/Language Arts instructions. Students conduct research and write about Social Studies concepts. In addition, students complete project based activities as part of our Social Studies curriculum.

Specials Classes

In addition to general education courses, students have an opportunity to participate in a variety of special classes each week.


In the STEM Lab, students are able to deepen and strengthen their knowledge of Science, Technology, Engineering/Environment, and Math through hands-on experiments and activities. 

Physical Education

 In P.E. students learn about physical fitness as well as cooperation and teamwork.


In Art, students learn many different art techniques. Students learn art vocabulary and practice using different mediums to complete art projects.


In Music, students learn how to read rhythms and notes on the staff, as well as develop the skills to follow and play along with a beat. Students are immersed in music through singing, body percussion, dancing, and playing instruments.  

Living Well

Living Well supports the foundation of making good choices through character and health education.

Library/Media Center

Students are allowed access to a variety of reading materials in our school library. Classroom visits to the library are arranged to give students the opportunity to select books that will help foster a love of reading and support their learning.  

School/Classroom Library Catalogs
Oakland Avenue Charter School uses Beanstack system to catalog the materials maintained in the school library media center as well as all classroom library collections. View all books available on campus via the Beanstack Public URL

To view the classroom libraries in your child's classroom(s), you can access through the Beanstack app that is available on their ClassLink Launchpad.  

Reconsideration of Media Materials and Opt-Out
Oakland Avenue Charter School strives to maintain a wide range of materials in a variety of formats, levels of difficulty, diversity of appeal, and representation of different points of view selected by professionally trained personnel. If a concerned citizen of the school community challenges the appropriateness of library media materials, or would like to limit his or her student's access to print and digital materials in the school or classroom library, they must follow the procedures detailed in the following document(s).  
OACS Objection to Reading Materials Procedures
OACS Specific Material Objection Form

Classroom Technology

All OACS teachers integrate technology into their classrooms. Each classroom is equipped with iPads and/or laptop computers for student use. All classrooms also have interactive smartboards.  Our class activities infuse technology using a variety of online platforms, such as Progress Learning, Generation Genius,, Prodigy, XtraMath, Reading A-Z, BrainPop, Flocabulary, and BreakoutEDU. Once a week, students also learn more about the usage of Technology during STEM.  

4 girls searching the bookshelves for the perfect library book.
A girl and a boy sitting on a couch in a classroom.  Both wearing headphones and working on iPads.

Support Services

Gifted Services

OACS is proud to offer on-site Gifted Services.  Students identified as gifted learners receive differentiated curriculum in our gifted enrichment classroom once per week. Gifted learners in grades 1 and 2 receive a half day of gifted instruction while students in grades 3-5 receive one full day of instruction in gifted education! Our gifted program focuses on fostering skills such as problem solving, team-work, leadership, as well as critical and creative thinking.

English Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) Services

OACS offers the Mainstream/Inclusion model for students who are in the process of acquiring the English language.  This means that the English Language Learner, or ELL, is placed in a mainstream classroom with a teacher who is certified or working towards certification in ESOL.  The teacher utilizes ESOL strategies and accommodations to provide instruction in all subject areas.  

Exceptional Student Education (ESE) Supports

Our ESE program work in partnership with our teachers provides services to qualifying students to ensure they have the necessary tools to advance their educational results.

Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) Program

Our MTSS program provides instruction, intervention, and assessment to ensure that every student receives the appropriate level of support to be successful. Students who qualify receive additional support through our MTSS intervention program.

Guidance Program

Our Guidance program helps students to develop, academically, socially and emotionally. Our Guidance counselor provides whole class lessons when needed and individual student counseling when necessary. 

Learning Beyond the Classroom

Oakland Nature Preserve (ONP)

The Oakland Nature Preserve enriches our community with quality environmental programs. Our dedicated education committee has developed curricula to meet the state Science standards in grades K-5. Each year, our students have an opportunity to learn in this unique environment while spending the day at the ONP.

Field Trips

Each class takes at least one field trip every year. This not only provides our students with experiences important to development, but it also enables them to make connections between curricular knowledge and the real world in which they live.

Special Events 

Throughout the year OACS has a multitude of Special Events such as:

  • Scholastic Book Fair
  • Literacy Week
  • Field Day
  • Boosterthon Fun Run
  • Dances
  • Curriculum Nights
  • Community Outreach Activities
  • Mega Blast
  • Spirit Nights
  • Breakfast Club

Afterschool Enrichment Opportunities

OACS host a variety of Afterschool Enrichment activities throughout the year, such as:

  • Music Clubs
  • Art Club
  • Lego Club
  • Spirit Squad
  • Collectors Club
  • Minecraft Club
  • Learning Clinics
  • Academic Tutoring