Useful links for parents and students

You will find important links for Parents to access below:

Embroidered School Polos/Jackets Ordering Info - Find website and phone number as well as prices and item numbers here. 
Progress Book - Login to view your child's grades. 
Volunteer Hours - View your volunteer hours. 
ADDitions Online Application - One time application must be completed/approved before volunteering in the classroom or chaperoning a field trip. 
Cafeteria Lunch Accounts - Access your child's lunch account here.  
Florida Students Achieve - Online resource created by FLDOE to provide families with information regarding statewide school performance and standards.
FL Dept. Of Education Human Trafficking webpage - FLDOE  has useful info here about Human Trafficking so that all parents can be aware and know how to report it. 
Human Trafficking Fact Sheet - More info from FLDOE - quick facts sheet
FortifyFL - suspicious activity reporting tool that allows you to instantly relay information to appropriate law enforcement agencies and school officials.

Here are some useful links for students to access at home: 
**Many of these websites require a login.  Please contact your teacher for this information.**

Iready - Used by K-5 for individualized Reading/Math instruction and Homework. 
Sumdog - Used by K-5 for Reading/Writing/Math practice.
BrainPop Jr. - Great Science and Social Studies videos/activities for K-3.
BrainPop - Science and Social Studies videos/activities for 3-5.  
Flocabulary - Tons of songs/raps to supplement lessons in all subject areas.  
TrueFlix - Social Studies and Science books and videos mostly for 3-5.  

Starfall - Used by K-1 for Reading/Math practice.
Reading A-Z - Used by K-1 for Reading practice.  

Spelling City - Used in grades 1-4 for vocabulary and spelling practice. 

Studies Weekly - Used in grades 2 and 4 for supplemental Social Studies activities.  

MobyMax - Used in grades 4 and 5 for Grammar practice. 

Khan Academy - Used by grade 5 for Math/Science practice.