Grading and Honor Roll Policies


Development and Academic Grades

Kindergarten, 1st Grade, and Specials        2nd – 5th Grade
S = Satisfactory                                                A = 90-100
W = Working on Skill                                        B = 80-89
N = Need Improvement                                    C = 70-79
U = Unsatisfactory                                            D = 60-69
                                                                          F = 59 and below

Social Development and Work Habits

2nd – 5th Grade and Specials
O = Outstanding – The student’s behavior is exemplary.
S = Satisfactory – The student's behavior is generally acceptable. Occasionally he/she needs a small amount of correction.
N = Needs Improvement – The student is uncooperative and attitude is unsatisfactory.
U = Unsatisfactory – The student is insubordinate and unwilling to conform to school rules and regulations. The parent is contacted         by the teacher.

Honor Roll and Principal’s Honor Roll - 3RD - 5th Grade

OACS will honor academic achievement with quarterly Honor Roll acknowledgment for Third, Fourth, and Fifth grade students.
The criteria for receiving these awards are outlined below:

 Honor Roll

 • receive all As and Bs in academics on their report card

 Principal’s Honor Roll

 • receive all As in academics
 • receive all Os or Ss for Social Development and Work Habits