Grade Level Goals and Expectations

2nd Grade is a very exciting year filled with lots of learning and fun! 

Language arts will include spelling, grammar, phonics, responding to literature, as well as narrative, persuasive, and informational writing.  In reading, we focus on developing stronger reading comprehension skills, and learning important strategies to help better understand complex texts.

During Math we will learn place value, number sense, basic geometry, addition and subtraction with two and three-digit numbers. We will also learn regrouping, basic money concepts, fractions, measurement, capacity, and weight.

In science, we will be studying matter, measurement, capacity, weathering, energy, forces in motion, life cycles and basic anatomy. 

In social studies, we will investigate maps, learn about various cultures, immigration, holidays across the world, Black History and Women's History.  In addition, we will learn an introduction to government and U.S symbols.