Community Outreach and Communications

The Town of Oakland’s Community Outreach and Communications office is responsible for overseeing a broad scope of Town services including media relations, public outreach, social media management, special events and facility rentals.

The Community Outreach and Communications Director is responsible for assisting the Town Manager with strategic planning, branding, research and reporting, and the creation of process and policies.  

The Director manages the Healthy West Orange Arts and Heritage Center at the Town of Oakland and its volunteers. The Healthy West Orange Arts and Heritage Center is committed to preserving Oakland’s past, present and future. The Center supports the mission of Healthy West Orange, a grassroots movement to inspire West Orange County to become the healthiest community in the nation.

  1. Town Manager's Office

    Physical Address
    230 N Tubb Street
    Oakland, FL 34760

    Mailing Address
    P.O. Box 98
    Oakland, FL 34760

    Phone: 407-656-1117, ext. 2102
    Fax: 407-656-2940