Wendy Perkins

Mrs. Perkins sitting in front of a railing.

My name is Wendy Perkins, and I am a third-grade teacher at Oakland Avenue Charter School.  I grew up with a passion for education, always wanting to follow in my mother’s footsteps, a high school English Literature teacher. I was a teacher aide at a Montessori school my freshman year at college, which I adored, and my focus became elementary education. I earned a Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education from Florida International University.

I feel my job as an educator is to facilitate a warm, safe, and inclusive environment that supports and motivates students to embrace the joy of learning. I follow a growth mindset philosophy where students discover the power of the word yet and develop the confidence to embrace new challenges. They come to understand that mistakes are an opportunity to grow and proof of learning. My room provides a print rich environment that supports language and concept development. I strive to foster a culturally responsive classroom that celebrates and values the unique traits that each child contributes to our classroom community.  My continued goal is to support and educate the whole child based on their individual needs and goals.

Third grade can be a challenging year, and I am devoted to preparing my students to fully embrace their strengths and recognize their worth, as individuals and as a classroom community.