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Oakland Avenue Charter School Reference Check

  1. Is Dependable of punctual*
  2. Shows Initiative*
  3. Follows Written & Oral Instructions Well*
  4. Performs Well without the Need of Direct Supervision*
  5. Has Good Rapport with Colleagues*
  6. Demonstrates Good Overall Job Knowledge*
  7. Maintains Professional Appearance*
  8. Exhibits Ethical/Professional Behavior*
  9. Utilizes Effective Written and Oral Communication Skills*
  10. Demonstrates Good Judgement*
  11. Performs High Quality Work*
  12. Seeks Professional Growth Opportunities*
  13. Demonstrates Flexibility in the Work Environment*
  14. Instruction (If Applicable)
  15. Prepares Engaging Lessons*
  16. Demonstrates Thorough & Effective Planning*
  17. Maintains Discipline Appropriately *
  18. Shows Mastery of Subject Area*
  19. Is Willing to Experiment. Try new Methods & Apply Educational Research *
  20. Adapts to Student's Individual Differences*
  21. Communicates Effectively with Parents*
  22. Uses Appropriate Technology in the Work Environment*
  23. Uses Appropriate Methods of Student Assessment*
  24. Has Awareness of Larger Institutional Goals*
  25. Has Good Rapport with Students*
  26. Is Committed to Student Success*
  27. Has a Passion for Teaching and Learning*
  28. Participates in Extra Activities such as Committees, Etc.*
  29. Leadership (If Applicable)
  30. Demonstrates Effective Leadership Qualities*
  31. Has High Expectations of Employees*
  32. Possesses High Problem Solving Skills*
  33. Is Willing to Experiment and Try New Methods*
  34. Hires Highly Effective Personnel*
  35. Please check one of the following*
  36. Do you know of any reason why this person should not work around children?*
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