Police Department


540 E Oakland Avenue
Oakland, FL 34760

P.O. Box 521
Oakland, FL 34760

407-656-9797, ext. 2



Link: Police Department Page


Monday- Friday

8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Esan, Darron Chief of Police Contact Darron Esan  407-656-9797  
Bryant, Michael Deputy Chief Contact Mike Bryant  407-656-9797 407-473-4340
Castro, Rene' Lieutenant Contact Rene Castro  407-656-9797  
Almodovar, Michael Police Officer Contact Michael Almodovar  4076569797  
Crews, Curt Sergeant Contact Curt Crews  407-656-9797  
DeJesus, Elias Code Enforcement Officer Contact Elias DeJesus  407-656-9797  
Dozier, Shawn Detective Contact Shawn Dozier  407-656-9797 352-705-0475
Edwards, Anthony Police Officer Contact Anthony Edwards  407-656-9797  
Fisher, Roger Sergeant Contact Roger Fisher  407-656-9797  
Gau, Justin Police Officer Contact Justin Gau  407-656-9797  
Hall, David School Resource Officer Contact David Hall  407-656-9797  
Hayes, Jason Police Officer Contact Jason Hayes  407-656-9797  
Henry, Edward Reserve Officer Contact Edward Henry  407-656-9797  
Horne, Colten Reserve Officer Contact Colten Horne  407-656-9797  
Lake, Samaria Police Officer Contact Samaria Lake  407-656-9797  
Quinn, Stacie Director of Police Administration Contact Stacie Quinn  407-656-9797  
Ribeiro, Nicole Police Officer Contact Nicole Ribeiro  4076569797  
Ricks, Andrew Police Officer Contact Andrew Ricks  407-656-9797  
Rojas Mercado, Reynails Police Officer Contact Reynalis Rojas Mercado  407-656-9797  
Sims, Kelly Administrative Assistant Contact Kelly Sims     
Stone, Nina Police Officer Contact Nina Stone  407-656-9797  
Thompson, Kyle Police Officer Contact Kyle Thompson  407-656-9797